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Zackin Publications is proud to announce that beginning this year, all CO2 emissions related to the production of the paper used in our publications are being offset by sustainable tree planting. We have teamed up with Camino Verde, a Massachusetts-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that plants trees on deforested lands in the Peruvian Amazon, to plant over 750 trees. These "Zackin Publications trees" will absorb an amount of CO2 each year equivalent to the emissions created by the paper used in the production of our magazines. Camino Verde has been planting trees on the Tambopata River in Peru for the last four years. The organization's work focuses on three major themes:

1. Camino Verde plants endangered and important tropical trees as part of its Living Seed Bank. Currently home to over 5,000 trees representing 200 species of useful trees producing fruit, medicine, timber, flowers, and craft materials, Camino Verde's trees represent an important botanical collection, an experiment in reforesting many species never seen in a cultivated setting, and a future seed source of endangered jungle trees.

2. Camino Verde works with Amazonian subsistence farmers to shift from slash-and-burn farming of annual grain crops to more sustainable tree-based agriculture. Trees offer higher income levels and a better quality of life, and reduce the need for cutting down forests for short-producing annual crop systems.

3. Camino Verde is currently working with native plant-healers and herbalists to document indigenous knowledge of the medicinal plants of the Amazon. Its Amazonian Herbal Healing Guides will represent an important contribution to its understanding of the lore and uses of powerful natural medicines of the rainforest.

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